New York Times Defends Obama Bash Because His Friends are 'Sophisticated'

Since Barack Obama can host a large, maskless birthday bash, you're probably wondering whether you can too. The answer, however, is an emphatic no. You and your friends are just not as sophisticated as Obama and his friends are. At least, not according to the New York Times.

New York Times White House correspondent Annie Karni defended Obama's Martha's Vineyard celebration by saying his guests were all smart and "sophisticated."

Ohhhh, that's why. The rest of us aren't smart enough. Got it.

A Times writer, whose salary may come from China, defending Obama's privilege to Jim Acosta is as good as it gets. You can't find a more liberal elite segment than this. It's almost perfect.

Candace Owens said on Sunday that she learned that "at least two" of the attendees at Obama's birthday were not vaccinated.

I'll take the over. Obama's friends can't spread the Delta variant, anyway. They are too advanced.

"What happened to all the concerns about vaccinated people passing Delta to the unvaccinated?" Glenn Greenwald asked about the CNN clip.

According to Obama, since he scaled the event back to just 200 people, there were no such concerns. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Bradley Cooper, and Steven Spielberg were among the elites in attendance. 

Why do we support and idolize these people? All of them: media members, celebrities, and politicians. They look down on you. Karni's view of "sophisticated" is shared all through this elite group. In their minds, it's not "rules for thee but not for me." That phrase is overused and inaccurate. Instead, elites feel they are helping the rest of us, that we need rules to protect ourselves. By contrast, they don't need restrictions -- their sophisticated minds give them the deserved freedom to assess their own risks. 

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