New Microsoft Grammar Software Demands You Use Woke Alternative Words

Microsoft has updated its spellcheck software for Office 365 programs to avoid offending the woke.

According to the Sun, Microsoft's update will highlight phrases that "may offend someone based on gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or even socioeconomic status.”

The software will make suggestions that change phrases to “more inclusive” alternatives. And the examples are hilarious.

Microsoft says it will now detect users who write, say, "Mrs. Thatcher," and recommend they change the name to “Ms. Thatcher." Why? Apparently "Mrs." implies a bias. You figure it out and report back.

The new software asks users to stop writing patriarchal terms like "manpower" and "mankind." Those words “may imply gender bias. So use "workforce" and "humanity" instead.

"Postman Pat" is also not gender-neutral, so the system demands you instead write “mail carrier” or “postal worker” while using Word.

So while Grammarly made Microsoft's spellchecker obsolete two years ago, Microsoft is back in the game. Even if Microsoft's grammar detection is weak, it will certainly prove woke, which is more important in college and high school writing anyway.

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