Nebraska Changing Mascot's Hand Gesture To Avoid Supposed Link To White Supremacists

Herbie Husker didn't canceled (yet), but he is being told that he need to make some changes to adapt to what has become today's overly sensitive, easily offended society.

As relayed by The Hill, the longtime Cornhuskers mascot can no longer give the "OK" symbol. You know, as in everything is going alright.

Instead, the University of Nebraska is changing images of Herbie to giving a "No. 1" sign with his index finger.

Why, you ask?

Good question. No one with a normal brain is offended by an "OK" sign. But apparently, the "OK" sign is also a sign used by white supremacists.

Of course, no one knows this but people who are looking to be offended, or scared. Apparently, the idiot white supremacists know it, too. Of course, giving them credit for anything does nothing but build their brand.

Anyway, back to Nebraska.

"That hand gesture could, in some circles, represent something that does not represent what Nebraska athletics is about,” Nebraska athletics licensing director Lonna Henrichs told the Flatwater Free Press. “We just didn’t even want to be associated with portraying anything that somebody might think, you know, that it means white power."

The "OK" symbol is apparently not used by all white supremecists -- just a smaller group that started using it in 2017 to troll others, per the Anti-Defamation League.

The organization went on to note that not everyone who uses the gesture is displaying a symbol of hate. Clearly, Nebraska didn't realize that -- and is just another in a long line of schools and organizations that are making weird changes for silly reasons.