MSNBC Doesn't Want White People Talking About Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Anymore

If you have weighed in on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over the past week, I sincerely hope you are not white. If so, you have stepped out of line.

That is according to Tiffany Cross at MSNBC. Cross argues that white people don't understand.

If you are white, you don't get an opinion on this subject. You were just a guest during The Slap.

Because Cross couldn't possibly defend her position if someone dared to test her, she invited Michael Harriot on the show to agree with her.

Here's Harriot further explaining why white people need to erase The Slap from their vocabulary:

I want to remind you that this segment aired on an actual cable channel. This is not a conversation from Media Matters message boards.

Skin color has nothing to do with commenting on Smith assaulting Rock. Whether you are white, black, Asian, Hispanic or Simpson yellow -- this isn't a complicated matter. A petty grown man slapped another grown man on television. You either enjoyed it or you didn't.

Can you imagine if a white TV host told black people to shut up about an altercation between two white folks? Fired before the end of the segment, probably.

Tiffany Cross is a moron. If it weren't for Joy Reid, a racist and a homophobe, Cross would truly be the worst cable news has to offer.

Wait, I take that back. As a white man, I may not be allowed to comment on Cross' commentary. After all, I'm just a guest in her presence.

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