Morning Joe Lies About Its Initial Coverage of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

We figured after the New York Timesauthenticated the Hunter Biden laptop story that the co-hosts of Morning Joe would eventually acknowledge the scandal. However, the hosts pretending that they covered the report thoroughly in 2020 is a rather surprising turn of events.

"If I'm remembering correctly, we asked the questions, but it wasn’t amplified as like, in the middle of a huge story like right now," Mika Brzezinski said on Friday. "You’ll see a right-wing outlet going nuts over Hunter Biden. It's amplified completely out of the realm of what’s real. And I think that’s one of the issues, as well, too."

While it's good to see Brzezinski give her show -- which she co-hosts with her husband Joe Scarborough -- props, she's not telling the truth.

A Fox News review found that Morning Joe didn't exactly "ask questions" about the New York Post report, but instead declared the story a conspiracy.

Here's what Scarborough said on Oct. 15, 2020, the day after the Post released the report:

"When there is a New York Post article that is false, it’s much better for Twitter to let people read the New York Post article and sit there and laugh at the hokie story of a computer repairman looking at a computer, going, ‘This sure does look suspicious to me. I’m going to call Rudy Giuliani!' Let that out, okay!

"Because people will read this story and they'll go, ‘This is really one of the stupidest October surprises I’ve ever seen before.'"

According to the transcripts, the only question Scarborough asked was why right-wing outlets were "spreading the lie" that the story was credible.

"This is what it's come down to, America! Giuliani is feeding Russian misinformation to Donald Trump, and feeding Russian disinformation to the New York Post," Scarborough said.

"And it is so obviously disinformation, that the person that writes the story won't put their name on it because they know it's a lie!"

The media and Big Tech suppressed a credible story that may have swung the results of the 2020  election. At least one in six Biden voters say that they would have changed their vote if they had seen the Hunter Biden story before the election.

That's what we call actual election interference, in which Morning Joe participated.

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