MLB Is Living In A Universe Of Lies, Say Will Cain and Clay Travis

"Major League Baseball is living in a universe of lies," Will Cain of Fox News told Clay Travis this morning on OutKick.


Will joined Clay for his weekly radio hit to discuss MLB moving its All-Star Game, the problem with boycotts, sports media, Baylor's redemption, Beijing Winter Olympics and more.

"The truth is, companies and CEOs have become spineless," Will goes on about MLB's decision. "Anyone who is willing to look an inch deep into the Georgia voting bill would know all the criticisms are complete B.S.

"Rob Manfred turned this universe of lies into a reality. He let lies dictate reality."

Clay says the relocation of the game, which he calls "idiotic," has completely changed the trajectory of how sports are talked about.

Will crushed the MLB more, pointing out the results of the move:

Clay and Will also discussed the fear that many individuals in sports media have about revealing their true opinions publicly.

"So many people texted me about our OutKick Woke Bracket Challenge and said, 'This is the greatest thing ever, but I would never admit to the fact that I love it because it would impact my career,'" Clay laughs.

Listen to the podcast version of the conversation below:

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