Michelle Beadle Wants LeBron to Shut Up and Dribble on COVID Issues

The sports media got emotional when Fox News' Laura Ingraham told LeBron James to "shut up and dribble" in 2018. It hurt their feelings as much as LeBron's. But that was when LeBron was calling America a racist land. Now, LeBron temporarily changed teams by likening Covid to a common cold:

Thus, according to the sports media, it's now time for LeBron to shut up and dribble. That Instagram post deeply bothered Michelle Beadle. It hurt her emotionally.

"That one pissed me off bad," Beadle said on her podcast." What is more ballsy than posting something uber controversial only to erase it?"

"The meme itself was so irresponsible," Beadle goes on. "These are those times where we need to stop asking these guys anything important. Stop asking what they think about the world. Stop asking them about their medical opinion. Stop asking them about China. You're never going to get an answer you want to hear. Why? That's not their forte. You want to know something about basketball? Go ask them that."

Beadle then questioned why LeBron is the spokesperson for anything other than the NBA.

"He's put himself in this position where he's made himself the speaker on all matters global, and it is moments like this where you're reminded that is the dumbest damn thing you could have posted," Beadle said. "Your team sucks, I get it. You're frustrated. You did this to yourself. You decided to sign the Cancun roster."

While it's probable that Beadle believes the omicron variant is closer to the plague than the flu, it's important to remember the ongoing feud here. Last month, Beadle claimed on her new podcast that LeBron had tried to get ESPN to fire her to get his friend, Rachel Nichols, her job on NBA Countdown.

Nevertheless, there's an important point here. The sports media views questioning Covid as a far greater sin than threatening a heroic police officer and spreading misinformation about race relations -- both of which LeBron did/does and people like Beadle have yet to comment on.

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