Michael Strahan Says Goodbye To Iconic Tooth Gap

Star athletes sometimes have an iconic physical feature that becomes part of their brand.

Anthony Davis has his unibrow, and LeBron James has his receding hairline. Some guys just cannot escape their distinctive looks. But that isn't going to stop NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan from trying.

On Tuesday, the host of Good Morning America said goodbye to his iconic tooth gap. He sent a tweet out saying "I did it. #GoodbyeGap" along with a video. Check it out.

Look, I was more than a little skeptical when he first posted the video. I still am, honestly. I'm old enough to remember when Davis "shaved his unibrow" three years ago around this time. It turns out that it was an April Fools Joke for a commercial.

I felt betrayed. In all honesty, that might have something to do with the trust issues I have today. Granted, it was pretty obvious it was fake when the camera conveniently fell over at the exact moment he was making his move, but I was 27 years old and naïve.

Has it happened again? At the ripe age of 30, have I fallen for another early April Fools prank? The more I think about it as I sit here writing this article, the more I'm convinced that I have.

Yeah ... I'm pretty sure I did.

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