Michael Irvin Could Start Beating Players Up Who Refuse To Get Vaccinated

The Dallas Cowboys are among the NFL teams that failed to reach the 85% vaccine threshold that would've eased COVID-19 restrictions during training camp. While it's a shame, the Cowboys will start camp with stringent restrictions, and that may be the least of their issues. Soon, unvaccinated Cowboys could get their asses kicked.

Michael Irvin is not happy about the Cowboys' vaccination rates and says if this were his team, he'd start beating people up.

"If you're not one of the teams, are you really thinking about winning a championship?" Irvin told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

"If I'm on a team in this situation, I'm going to make sure to ask, 'You get vaccinated? You get vaccinated?' Somebody in that damn locker room needs to say, 'Hey man we're going to have a chance. Are you vaccinated? Let's go through this.' Because this could be two weeks, a healthy dude missing games.

"In this league that could be it for you. The right person misses two weeks, that's it. You're is out. I'll fight a (expletive)."

As much as I'd prefer to make a joke about this, it's unlikely that Irvin would actually show up at Cowboys' training camp looking for a fight. However, I'd hate to be the guy making fun of a situation just days before some 25-year-old punk gets thrown down by Mr. Irvin.

Look, even if you are healthy, in the prime of your career, and see no need to get the shot -- do you really want to have that image lingering in your mind?

The truth is, unvaccinated Cowboys should use Google, which is how we have all determined our risks, to see how long they'd last in a circle with Irvin.

If they don't like their odds and feel they could go down quickly, perhaps it's time to get the shot? Let's just hope Irvin is all talk. I'd hate to see a fight take place at camp.

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