Michael Bloomberg Apologies For 'Offensive' Boris Johnson Remarks At Private Dinner

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has apologized for former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's behavior at the fifth annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

Thursday, Bloomberg said he understood attendees were offended and insulted by comments Johnson made as the speaker of the event on Wednesday.

The dinner at which Johnson spoke was not available to the public. Thereby it's unclear what he said and whom he offended. But we hope to find out shortly.

We anticipate a transcript would cause quite the stir and amusement.

We anticipate a transcript would cause quite the stir and amusement.


" is who is," said Bloomberg during his apology. "He's very controversial, but also very entertaining."

Bloomberg explains the convention as follows:

"The fifth annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum will convene on November 14-17, 2022 in Singapore. The Bloomberg New Economy Forum will gather leaders across sectors, industries and regions in person to engage in discussion, build support for promising policies and partnerships, and evaluate the voices of both business executives and government leaders as they collaborate to advance recovery efforts around the world."

"The Bloomberg New Economy Forum is founded on the belief that every major issue facing the world requires cooperation across national borders and between the public and private sectors. We draw upon the power of our global newsroom to facilitate thoughtful dialogue and debate to facilitate real conversations that drive real change.

Sounds pretty boring. Unless, of course, Boris Johnson is giving the address.

We assume Johnson has some drinks and offended some snowflakes in the word leader category.

What do you all think he said?

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