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I had the score right, just not the right team winning

How am I doing this morning two days after the worst performance Ohio State has had at home against Michigan in my lifetime? I'm alive but definitely shook. We're talking about a Michigan team that we're still unsure if they're actually a great team -- after Saturday's game the Wolverines have still played the easiest schedule of Jim Harbaugh's D1 coaching career -- and yet they absolutely dominated the second half against Ohio State.

That's on Ryan Day. It's also on a quarterback that doesn't have that dawg -- as the Internet likes to say -- in his soul. It's on a defense that's been a mess and a total liability going back 3-4 years -- at least.

And this is 100% not a team that deserves to make the College Football Playoff only to get destroyed by Georgia.

But, at the end of the day, I'm a content guy and Michigan kicking Ohio State's ass is great for content. It's nice for Michigan college students to know what it's like to see their school win at Ohio State. There were Michigan college students in the upper deck going nuts Saturday over what they were witnessing. It hadn't happened in their lifetime.

CJ Stroud wasn't alive the last time Michigan won in Columbus.

Now we enter a stage in the rivalry where we get to figure out how bad Ohio State players want to win The Game. Stroud made comments about life going on and how this game wouldn't "define this team."

That's a problem.

Uh, yes it will define this team.

Ask those Michigan players who went their entire college careers without beating Ohio State if those loses define their college careers. It eats them up inside. It's why they get erections over Desmond Howard taking shots at Stroud to his face at the Heisman Trophy ceremony. They love to finally have some bragging rights.

Now what for Ohio State?

Harbaugh finally figured out how to beat Ohio State by throwing hungry players at Ryan Day who has skilled position players trying not to get hurt before the NFL Draft.

This is how Ohio State fans feel, and rightfully so, about one of the team's captains.

Until Ryan Day gets this mentality figured out, Harbaugh is going to continue to win these games.

The recipe is simple: withstand the early onslaught, hang in there, and eventually, Ohio State will fold because they're weak and not mentally prepared for four quarters.

And buying players through NIL is highly unlikely to be the solution here. Ryan Day might just be too soft to right the ship.

Gameday experience analysis:

• I sat in the Michigan fan section. It was more of a sports bar atmosphere as people drank $15 beers. It was fun. I know what you're thinking -- bullshit, you hated it. The problem is that you're overthinking this. I had an Ohio State Karen about to fight Michigan fans and a kid wearing Rutgers gear in front of us who was in town with his dad whose buddy is a Michigan fan. The Rutgers kids refused a high-five after Ohio State's first touchdown. It was a great place to sit. And it was in full sun the entire day.

• Ohio Stadium has to figure out the bathroom situation. They haven't been updated in 80 years and 200 guys in line for 10 stalls isn't a great situation.

• I walked a total of 6 1/2 miles Saturday.

• Had my first big-time Fox Corp. experience when Clay invited me to go up to the Big Nook Kickoff green room where Jake Butt and Joshua Perry were preparing for TV appearances.

• I thought Clay's security detail was going to snap my neck when I walked up to where Clay was doing his Fox News hit outside Ohio Stadium. By the end of the green room visit, the security guy had loosened up a little bit.

• BTW, Jake Butt was absolutely wired. Shot out of a cannon-type guy. Laser focused.

• Bill in Chicago pounded on his chest Saturday seconds after the game ended. Boy, he really let me have it:

I type this just after my Michigan Wolverines went into the Horseshoe in Columbus and thoroughly kicked Ohio State's ass 45 - 23.  You said you were rooting for 50 points so Michigan nearly obliged you by dropping 45 on the lowly Buckeyes.

Right now you're walking out of the stadium, demoralized and dejected.  And as a former graduate student at Michigan and former Michigan football season ticket holder let me say no fan base but the Buckeye fan base deserves those feelings more.  Karma is a bitch, ain't she.

If you'll allow me to gloat for one day, I'd appreciate it.  Your rabid anti-Michigan postings in Screeencaps were sort of getting to me.  But like the title of the email says, that's why they play the games.

p.s. Ryan Day was born on 3rd base and thought he hit a triple.  Until these last two Michigan - OSU games, that is.

• Beau in Toledo checks in:

In more serious news

• Matthew F. writes:

Loyal screencaps reader (screencaps with a cup of coffee is literally how I start my morning every day) and TNML member here.  I rarely send in emails, but I was seeking some advice potentially from the community.  I spent Thanksgiving with my folks and after going to my Grandparents for dinner that night, we came home to find my parents' house engulfed in flames. 

Our local volunteer firefighters left their families on Thanksgiving night to come and fight the fire, to which we are forever grateful.  Despite their best efforts, the fire was too much and my parents now sit at a total loss. Thankfully, no one was home and Sam (my parents' boxer pup) was not in the house, so we're all safe and ok.  We are still awaiting the Fire Marshall to come and do an investigation (he refused to come out until Monday because of it being Thanksgiving weekend) to find a cause, but we believe it was some type of electrical fire. 

My parents have already started the process of filing a claim with their insurance and started making a list of everything that was in the house.  However, I was curious if anyone in the community may have experienced anything like this and if they had any advice/tips in this situation.  Also, any prayers from the community would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks Joe for always providing an escape every morning!

Let's go Brandon

• Mike L. writes:

This is sad.

Paramount+ mess

• Joe M. writes:

To preface this, I’ve worked in IT/IT Security for 30 years, and I cut the cord four or five years ago.  It was 7:35PM Central on Sunday.  I signed into Paramount+, can’t find Yellowstone season 5, episode 4, which shows as dropping at 7PM central.  Oh, right, it’s not on Paramount+, it’s on Paramount Network, which is different, because of course it needs to be.  The older seasons are on Paramount+.  OK, go to Paramount Network.  I can’t use the Paramount+ login and password, I have to log in with Hulu.  Odd, because I looked for the episode on Hulu first, but it says it’s not available until 2AM on the 28th, but the episode expires today (27th).  That makes a ton of sense.

Signed into Paramount Network, and it shows me a screen that says, yep, episode 4 drops at 7PM central again.  Except it’s not there, forty minutes after it was supposed to be available.  To clarify, I am a paying subscriber to Paramount+, Hulu, and many, many other streaming services.

I’m used to the dance of trying to remember whether something was on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max, but this Paramount zoo of utter confusion takes the cake.  I’ve legally watched Saints and LSU games overseas without issue through CBS, ESPN, etc.  But sitting in Texas, NBCUniversal can’t figure out how to fulfil the services I pay for in a timely manner.  Now it’s 8:11, and I still can’t see episode 4 as available on Paramount Network.  There are actually articles posted about what happened in the episode being posted as we speak.  NBCUniversal/Paramount are the worst.

Joe wasn't done. He sent me an email this morning at 4:18 a.m.

It’s now 0235 CST, and I finally have access to Yellowstone episode 4, like I should have had hours ago, like I paid for months ago.  Don’t judge why I’m still awake, I just spent four hours trying to submit visa information for a trip to Australia I need to take in about 6 days.  Many issues were encountered: passport pictures too big, 220 characters to explain the arrest in college decades ago, 150 radio buttons you have to click on each page, etc.   

The Canadian version of Border Patrol are the worst in person (in Winnipeg and Toronto at least) but the Aussie tech is a travesty.  I had to call Australia (not the consulate in the US, but actually their version of the Department of State, in Australia) and spend 40 minutes on hold (at a cost of $61, thanks T-Mobile, for telling me via text seconds after I hung up) for the advice that they couldn’t help me, and I needed to go to the Consulate within 60 seconds of explaining my problem.  Global warming/cooling/changing isn’t our problem.  The waste of energy on garbage like this is.  I never would have done this if I wasn’t so desperate to get on a 777 or 787 and work.

I’ll be looking for a screencaps reset in a few hours after my first Monday conference call.  Save me Joe.

Razor clams

• Mike T. says they're razor clams. I'm taking his word for it.

And that's it. The final Monday of November is here and off we go. It's back to work time for all of you who've been off way too long. Try to give 100%. I know it'll be tough since your body has been abused for the last 10 days.

Have a great day across this incredible country. Even the Michigan fans.


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