Max Kellerman, Other ESPN Radicals Celebrate Trump Exiting White House

Once upon a time, ESPN claimed, "We are a sports network."

They lied.

Nearly 75 million Americans dreaded this morning and the end of President Donald Trump's term in office, but none of them are employed by ESPN. Wednesday morning, ESPN's personalities celebrated as Trump exited the White House.

Max Kellerman, one of the network's most prominent voices, weighed in with a GIF:

Imagine if Kellerman or another one of ESPN's far-Left non-sports hosts tweeted a negative GIF about a Democrat. Would he be fired immediately or forced to say sorry until he reached the number of apologies Drew Brees made for respecting the flag?

Tuesday, ESPN's main Twitter account proudly kicked off the week by covering the Senate in the most pro-Warnock way possible. Here's the sports network's tweet:


Pablo Torre opted to retweet his own tweet from November to celebrate how thrilled he is today.

"Bully pulpit."

Jalen Rose is doing his work behind the scenes, allowing the "Like" feature to say his piece:

ESPN's resident radical moron Mark Jones has also been tweeting all morning about Trump's exit, but he's not quite relevant enough to get an embed. Here are some of the greatest hits from the broadcaster:

It is only 11 a.m., yet it already seems like the day after Super Bowl on ESPN, and their celebrations on Twitter are just beginning. Some other radical accounts to keep an eye on today include Elle Duncan; Maria Taylor, who is always mad online; Adrian "F-U" Wojnarowski; and anti-American flag, anti-dog Domonique Foxworth.

If you are looking for updates on Patrick Mahomes' status, turn off ESPN. Maybe try Reddit?

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