Marylanders Want To 'Re-Fund The Police' Despite Dems' Campaigns In Opposition

The people of Maryland are in solid agreement to up the police presence after watching spikes in crime spread throughout their cities. Despite the Democrats' strong stance to defund police forces, Americans living in areas infested with crime, notably homicide, are pushing back on the unprincipled belief that policing is a negative aspect of society to support.

In a poll provided by the Washington Free Beacon, well over the majority of polled Marylanders supported an initiative started by Republican Governor Larry Hogan to add "an additional $150 million into local and state police."

The polling results confirmed that 88 percent of African American participants were in general or strong agreement with the idea of re-funding police according to Hogan's legislation. Hispanic voters partook in the support (74 percent) as well as Caucasian voters (89 percent).

Gov. Hogan's two pieces of proposed legislation — the Violent Firearms Offender Act and the Judicial Transparency Act — are set to create more robust systems that prohibit crime through increased penalties for criminals who "use and illegally possess firearms."

Democrats have been vocal against the re-funding effort, calling Hogan's proposition a "political stunt," per the response provided to the Beacon.

"People are being shot nearly every single day in Baltimore City, and we all have an obligation to do something about it right now," Hogan announced, championing police support. He added, "With all of the actions we have announced today, I want those families and all of the victims of this violence to know that we will not stop pursuing those criminals who are terrorizing our community."

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