Mark Jones Makes Sex Reference and Talks Insurrection While Calling NBA Finals

We warned the NBA and ESPN that promoting Mark Jones to call the NBA Finals while Mike Breen is out with COVID would turn disastrous. We made this prediction not only based on Jones being a far-Left kook but also because he's an amateur game-caller.

Jones proved us correct during Game 1. Thursday, he embarrassed the product on a few different occasions.

Take a listen:

You did not mishear him. His exact words are "blowjob on his ankle."

A humiliating blunder, like an oral sex reference, is the consequence of settling for mediocrity on the call of one of the year's top sporting events.

Later in the broadcast, Jones tried to put his stamp on the Celtics' historic comeback win in the 4th quarter. But that didn't go well, either.

An insurrection, huh?

Jones' awkward performance also caught the attention of New York Post sports media writer Andrew Marchand.

"Mark Jones was just handed a historic 4th quarter. He didn't live up to it," Marchand tweeted.

"Jones is not ESPN's second best NBA play-by-player as both Ruocco and Pasch are better," he adds.

A Finals game without Breen on the call is a negative. He is the best NBA play-by-player in the business. Yet ESPN made his absence worse by electing to have Jones fill in for him. 

Ryan Ruocco, Dave Pasch, Mike Greenberg, or someone who calls college basketball would have at least gotten the job done without making a mockery of the product.

There are play-by-players like Breen and Joe Buck who enhance the action of a game. Then there is a large group of commentators who get out of the way and let the game call itself. Meanwhile, Jones is distracting and unusual and annoying.

Moreover, Jones is a proud spreader of anti-police rhetoric.

"I'll tell the police officer on duty to 'protect' me he can just take the day off," Jones said in 2020. "I'd rather not have the officer shoot me because he feared for his life because of my black skin or other dumb ish," Jones continued. "I'm not signing my own death certificate."

In the past year, Jones has interrupted live NBA basketball games to report that police have murdered an unarmed Jacob Blake (Blake had a knife in his possession and is still very much alive); ask if Steph Curry got a "blowjob on his ankles;" and declare an "insurrection" on the basketball court.

Only in America, a country which Mark Jones deems very racist, can this type of guy make millions of dollars.

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