Man With CNN Role in Bio Tweets 'We Need a Hitler'


Adeel Raja, a blue-check Twitter user, tweeted Sunday that "the world today needs a Hitler" in response to boiling tensions between Israel and Hamas. Before Raja could delete the hateful tweet, screenshots emerged from Raja's LinkedIn profile, where he lists himself as a "Freelance Contributor at CNN." A CNN guy, huh?

Raja has 54 bylines at CNN. He most recently published an article on Sept. 16, 2020. This doesn't appear to be a guy pretending to work for CNN, though CNN spokesman Matt Dornic told the Washington Examiner that he "never heard" of the guy and is "looking into it."

While CNN looked into it, more Raja tweets were unearthed.




That is a disturbed human.

While most Americans have a semi-informed understanding of Hitler's past and his vision -- I'd encourage readers to read William L. Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich to fully grasp just who Raja is so proud of.

I'm not going to call for Raja's job, that's not my place. I also don't support pulling up old tweets, but he sent one today. This is not someone who recklessly tweeted as a teen then grew up and matured.

Not great, CNN.

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