Los Angeles' Surging Crime Rate Has Residents Demanding 'Safe Rooms' For Their Homes

So, how are things going in Los Angeles? Well, bad enough that some of the city's wealthier residents want to have special rooms built in their home to protect themselves from the surging crime rates.

But, ya know, defund the police.

Seriously, though. Not only do some LA residents want steel-caged "panic" rooms, but some even want secret escape tunnels attached to their homes.

"Our influx of inquiries has increased more than 1,000 percent over the past three months,” Dean Cryer, VP international operations at Building Consensus/Panic Room Builders told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s gone insane.”

Yes, there are companies such as Building Consensus/Panic Room Builders that specialize in attaching safe rooms to homes. And in LA, clearly, business is booming.

“We’ve even done bunkers and tunnels. We’ve done a project out in Malibu. They wanted a secret tunnel out to the beach. So they could escape, like a secret bunker," Cryer said.

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti backtracked on a plan to increase the police budget. Instead, he cut LAPD funding by a whopping $150 million. Crime has skyrocketed since, even for Los Angeles.

So it's gone well for you, huh, LA? Good move right there.

No worries, though. All you need is a panic room and escape hatch to get you out of the home and, with any luck, out of the city.