Lisa Boothe Wants to Have A Truthful Conversation

Lisa Boothe, host of The Truth podcast and a Fox News contributor, spoke with OutKick about American culture, Elon Musk buying Twitter, Ron DeSantis, Lia Thomas, the most unlikeable person in media, and perverts at Disney.

Also, later in the interview, we introduce a new side of Lisa to our readers.

​​Bobby Burack: You are relaunching your podcast with iHeartMedia on Monday. What is the idea behind the show, in a market where almost everyone has a podcast?

Lisa Boothe: I am really interested in the emerging culture wars happening in the country. I want to dive into that. Also, as we saw during COVID, America is susceptible to tyranny, and many cowards went along with it. We are in a fight for freedom in America.

I want to explore those battles - whether it’s Twitter stifling free speech or the DOJ targeting parents who speak out on issues impacting their kids. I believe we are in a moment as a country where we are fighting for the soul of America. What are our values? What do we believe? What’s at the core of this country? And getting beyond the typical conversations that happen on issues like immigration, beyond open borders. How does it change a country when you let millions of people in who don’t share your values or believe in the rule of law?

So really getting to the heart of these issues and why they matter as opposed to surface-level conversations.

We are also in a fight for truth in America. This is the fight of our lives. If the truth doesn’t matter, what does? If the Left can distort and control the reality of the world we live in, they control society. They get to dictate what words we use. They get to dictate what is socially acceptable and what is not. If they have that power, they control us. That’s what this ultimately comes down to right now, control.

That’s why I am so passionate about my podcast and why it’s called The Truth with Lisa Boothe.

The two guests that I can announce for the launch that will 100% be happening are Steve Bannon and Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor Ron DeSantis will be the very first interview. Obviously, he's my governor, so I am partial to him. I also happen to think he's the best governor in America. He single-handedly kept America free by bucking lockdowners and Fauci.  

I find Steve Bannon to be a fascinating person. He's brilliant, whether you like him or not. He's a really interesting and very smart person. And so those will be the first two episodes and the podcast, which is moving to twice per week.

Burack: You posted a column late last year that explains why you chose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In response, critics called you an anti-vaxxer and a grandma killer and whatever else they call those who don't get in line.

Why did you decide to publish that piece?

Boothe: So I had mentioned it already on TV with Dan Bongino, that I wasn't getting vaccinated. I wanted to follow up with a thoughtful piece about why I and other Americans were making this decision.

So many Americans were being browbeaten and bullied by the media, the government and politicians to get this shot. How irresponsible and reckless is that?

This vaccine was produced in record time. Most vaccines have five to 10 years of safety data. 

And then you go beyond that and you look at the fact that the whole time there's been a thousand-fold difference in mortality between the young and old. So what works for Joe Biden, who's old, does not work for me who's youngish at 37.

That never made sense to me either. And then, at the time I wrote the column, we were already seeing the Texas Democrats who came to Washington DC and turned it into a super spreader event that the vaccine wasn't preventing transmission. And even knowing that, Joe Biden lied to Americans during a CNN town hall and told them they would not get COVID if they got vaccinated. We have been told so many lies. 

So if it's not a public health benefit, it's a personal health benefit. And if I personally don't need this, then why should I get it?

Again, no one was asking that question.

Burack: Are conservatives often late to the fight? Is that why they lose these culture battles?

Boothe: I can tell you I've been frustrated by hearing people now be like, 'Yeah, these things are bad or not everyone needs to get vaccinated.' But where were you when it mattered? Like, there's no bravery or honor in saying things when they are safe. 

You need to stand up when things are not safe, when these ideas are being formulated, when narratives are starting to take hold. That's when it needs to be said.

That's why I wrote the vaccine column then. I saw something that was wrong and didn't want to wait. We had people being forced, people with natural immunity, to get a shot that may be dangerous long-term. They were being forced to get something to keep their job, to be treated normally in society.

And you look at the racket of all of it too. You got the government paying these vaccine manufacturers money. In the case of Moderna, the government paid to develop and manufacture it, and then the government is simultaneously giving legal immunity to the company. That's insanity.

So I think some conservatives are late to the battle out of fear, maybe a little bit of cowardice.

Burack: Is Washington Post "journalist" Taylor Lorenz the most unlikeable person in media today? It's between her, Joy Reid and Keith Olbermann.

Boothe: She's actually the worst because she has the audacity to play the victim, which is also just the standard Left: being the individual that does the things they accuse others of doing.

That's called projection. 

Taylor is a person who's doxxing, encouraging the harassment of someone and then has the audacity to go on TV and cry about being bullied. Spare me your tears. No one cares. You are all the things that you accuse others of doing. I actually think she's a terrible human being.

Burack: Why are Disney and journalists fighting for the right to groom children? They look like perverts.

Boothe: Bobby, I just would ask why teachers need to be talking about gender identity and some of these issues with third graders and below. Simple. Just ask the question. If they can't provide an answer, then there isn't a good reason.

In what world would that be acceptable to happen? Why would the Left be pushing for that? I think they should have to defend themselves.

If you're out there explaining why you're not groomers, you're probably losing the argument.

Burack: Like those arguing that Lia Thomas should be allowed to compete in female athletics.

Boothe: Also, what a joke the Left is when you have all these women claiming they are feminists, yet are allowing women sports to become extinct. Come on. Shut up. What a lie.

This shows where the Left stands on these issues. They are hypocrites, they don't actually believe anything.

Of course, what Lia Thomas is doing is wrong, and I encourage actual girls to speak out against it. It's completely unfair to them. Speaking up is the only way we get out of this clown world. We have women getting pregnant in women’s prisons because they are letting men in. 

This is the whole point as to why I spoke up on the vaccine issue. For this very point. We need to push back. We can’t normalize lunacy. 

Burack: What changes will we see in the general consensus, now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter? 

Boothe: Elon Musk is one of the most revolutionary figures of our time. Free speech is vital to a free society.

Look at how big of an impact Twitter and social media had on the 2020 election. Companies like Twitter banned the sharing of the Hunter Biden laptop story to try to rig an election. It worked. The Media Research Center did polling and found that the outcome of the election would have been different if Biden voters were aware of the laptop story.

Burack: What topics will you get into on the show that you haven't been vocal about?

Boothe: I would like to talk to someone about all these transgender issues that are percolating right now. Just digging into why the Left wants this on young children, why they are pushing it on young children.

We should be able to have these conversations. I will try to do a combination of things on the podcast, having hard conversations with Governor DeSantis or Steve Bannon, who I just find really interesting, or like I did with President Trump. I want to have issue-oriented conversations.

Sometimes I like just taking a break from politics and having guests that aren't as political. I'm going to have Kelly Dodd, formerly of the Real Housewives of Orange County, on the show. I'm a huge fan of Real Housewives. 

If I have people who I'm genuinely curious about, I think the listeners will be too. I also just want to give a shout-out to my producer, John Cassio, who does an amazing job. 

Burack: I'm going to ask you a few questions that are unrelated to your career or the news, but about Lisa Boothe. We'll see where it goes.

Was Lisa Boothe an athlete?

Boothe: Oh my gosh, I was a menace. Just so competitive. A stone-cold killer. I had a lot of skin in the game. 

I was always the person trying to charge for it, go for it all. I talked some shit. I'm just a competitor. I grew up with three brothers. I have this aggressive side of me.

Burack: Can you cook?

Boothe: So I am getting there. I actually make really good chocolate chip cookies. I made them for the studio I go into here in Miami because they are lovely people and they've done so many kind things for me. So I made them the other day with glowing reviews. I will make them for friends and stuff when they're going through a hard time.

I also made them for my family. I was recently home in Virginia taking care of my aunt. She is special needs.

I make a mean chocolate chip cookie, so I'm getting there. But not great.

Burack: Do you watch any good TV series? I've never heard you talk about Breaking Bad or Stranger Things or Succession

Boothe: I'm super weird because if people are bragging about something, saying it's so good, I naturally want to rebel and not watch it.

I watch a lot of bad TV, such as Bravo.

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