'Let's Go Brandon' Makes Its Way To Allegiant Airlines

U.S. President Joe Biden continues to test supply chains across the nation, but what Americans are running out of most in 2021 is patience.

On Sunday (Nov 21), a skirmish broke out on an Allegiant Airlines flight at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

A woman named Katrina Alspaugh, 51, was removed from a flight for trying to come on board without a mask.

Once airline officers came to remove Alspaugh after she got hysterical at the old news of the mask mandate, she began shouting expletives, along with "Let's Go Brandon" as her swan song.

Earlier in the day, one fellow flight passenger confronted Alspaugh at the airport's security checkpoint over her disregard for the masking rule, which nearly caused a fight to break out. After officers detained Alspaugh, the passenger refused to press charges over the volatile appearance at the checkpoint.

According to the Fox News report, "since January, there have been 5,240 unruly passenger reports … " Of the reported incidents, more than 3,500 were cited for masking mandates.

In Oct 2020, the airline caught headlines for one of its first stints of mask-related aggression between customers. At the center of the scuffle was a dispute between two men: one wearing a clear face shield while the other wore a mask. Despite wearing a full-face shield, the man sans mask violated Allegiant's COVID-19 restrictions, which strictly declared mask-wearing for all passengers, regardless of a faceguard. His neighboring masked macho got in his grill about the rule, and the two started swinging, leading to them getting the boot from their flight.

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