Lefties Show True Colors With Hateful Treatment of Rush Limbaugh

After the death of Rush Limbaugh was announced this morning, Twitter was littered with all types of tributes to the conservative talk radio legend. There were boatloads of heartwarming condolences, but as we've come to expect, many on the left instead offered embarrassing celebrations about his demise.

Since this political "side" prides itself on inclusion and tolerance, throwing a social media party because someone they disagree with has died might seem hypocritical, but it's actually not. The problem is that the left confuses unity with agreement.

Check out the "unity" of the left:

These blue checkmark bozos actually believe the Huff Post’s headlines, that Limbaugh was the “bigoted king of Talk Radio,” or worse, a "bigot, misogynist, homophobe, crank." However, if the Nick Robins-Early and Christopher Mathias trio had gone into depth about why Rush thought the way he did, then they’d quickly realize they hardly understand him at all. We’re told to hate people we don’t understand, instead of questioning them.

How should Rush be remembered?

Rush Limbaugh was a trailblazer for freedom of thought who made it cool to push back on groupthink. Did he make points that I personally disagree with? Absolutely, but he taught us that we can think for ourselves, that we don't have to conform. This philosophy unlocked the minds of millions and encouraged them to think for themselves. This was his contribution to society, and it will be his legacy going forward.

Conservatives should perhaps be angry about the blatant disrespect shown to Limbaugh since his death, but that hasn't been their way. The conservative/Republican movement prefers to clap back at hate with love. When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last year, conservatives did not issue the level of divisiveness we are reading now about Limbaugh. The long term effect of this constant divisiveness from the left is that we grow further and further apart from one another.

That's a country none of us signed up for, and it's unfortunate that institutions like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even some colleges encourage this type of behavior. The American people are being hardwired to hate their political opposition and to view them as a threat to society. At some point, something's going to give between the two sides, and it won't just be a few unfortunate hours at the Capitol.

Rush Limbaugh would encourage us all to think for ourselves, and he should remembered as such. RIP to a leader who made questioning our overlords a common practice. It will ultimately lead us to a safer, more unified America.

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