Lawmakers Push For Social Media Giants To Face Lawsuits For Policing

GOP lawmakers are pushing for costly lawsuits against extreme, left-leaning social media giants so that they can force such companies to pay hefty fines for policing content.

Interestingly, it appears that some liberal politicians are also in favor of such a move.

"Many protest the deletion of political and religious statements, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures," The Associated Press reported. "Democrats, who also have called for greater scrutiny of big tech, are sponsoring the same measures in at least two states."

Per the report, Republican lawmakers in favor of the bill hail from 12 different states -- with more surely ready to jump on board soon.

Twitter and Facebook have come under fire from Republicans for deleting posts and suspending accounts that promote conservative values. The social media networks have used buzzwords such as "racism" and "hate speech" to justify the suspensions.

Both Twitter and Facebook make it pretty clear that those who don't think like they do are not worth hearing -- completely eliminating the idea of freedom of thought, especially opposing thought, in the process.