Kwame Brown Slams Jemele Hill's 'Little Liberal, Democratic' Talking Points

Kwame Brown is destroying everyone in his path. In simple terms, what he's doing to critics like Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Stephen A. Smith is what Twitter would call "slaying" if Brown were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Struggling to find someone to falsely label racist, Jemele Hill inserted herself into the discussion, likely hoping some other spineless exec will add her to the payroll.

I saw Hill tweet "Violence" and assumed she meant "mostly peaceful." Brown took it another way, though:

“Jemele Hill, good morning. Good morning Black queen,” Brown responds on IG. “You said all weekend I was being violent so that leads me to believe something is a little off about you. Ms. Hill, mam I have children and you just lied on me and you on deck.”

Here's where it gets really good:

“You trying to use your little liberal, democratic talking points that because I’m challenging these brothers on how they destroy Black men, I used my words,” Brown said. “And you used the word violence. That’s the narrative you wanna put out mam? I think you’re exposing yourself Ms. Hill.”

Your "little democratic talking points." Accurate.

Hill then tried to claim she was the victim in all of this, a common approach these days:

I certainly don't support threats of any kind, but really? Someone attacked her online?

Brown responded to comments Hill made directly to him. Furthermore, Hill's entire career, at this point, is centered on attacking people online.


Who is next, Kwame Brown?

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