Joy Reid Records Lowest-Rated Month Ever

Joy Reid will finish April with her lowest-rated month on MSNBC yet. Despite the heavy news cycle, ReidIn -- or whatever she calls her show -- declined 31 percent from last April and 51 percent from 2020.

With a 1.1 million total average, Reid's program drew just 124,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic.

Reid's fall has allowed CNN to catch up to MSNBC during the 7 pm hour. Reid is making her head-to-head rival Erin Burnett a star.

Whatever shock value Reid provided MSNBC early on is gone. Her show is the fastest-declining program in cable news.

If you are going to be racist on television, the rule is you ought to be a ratings draw. Reid is only the former, a racist.

Anyone with a few months of television experience could replace Reid and embarrass the network less. That's how low the bar is.

But of course, MSNBC has no plans to address Reid drawing daytime ratings in primetime.

MSNBC is scared of Reid. If the network tells her to be less conspiratorial and nutty, she will call MSNBC racist. NBC can't risk that. So it continues.

For an example, here's how Reid covered Elon Musk's purchase of this Twitter earlier this week:

“Twitter is not the government, they are a private company that says you’re not allowed to be a Nazi on Twitter. Elon Musk, I guess he misses the old South Africa in the 80s. He wants that back.”

A great contribution to the conversation, as always. You can't even find that type of commentary anywhere on television.

But don't blame Reid. She is playing the game. NBC management enabled Reid in 2020 with a primetime show to prove it's not a racist network. This is on them.

MSNBC knew what it was getting into by hiring Reid. The network is now stuck with her, as are the former MSNBC viewers who stopped watching because of her.

Best of luck in May, Joy.

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