Jose Canseco Says ‘Told You So’ On J-Lo, A-Rod Breakup

After Jose Canseco heard Jennifer Lopez and former Yankees’ star Alex Rodriguez called off their engagement, he just had to shoot his shot.

He also had to remind everyone he predicted the split in at the beginning of the new year.

“Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez will go their separate ways this year and Alex Rodriguez will hook up with a fitness model,” Canseco wrote on Jan. 12.

He quote tweeted his January tweet on Friday and said A-Rod is "the most predictable person on the planet."

On Friday, it was reported the former MLB slugger and singer called it quits and ended their 2-year engagement.

Canseco — best known for his seven-year-stretch with the Oakland Athletics — started trending on Twitter after he said he correctly predicted the breakup would happen back months ago.

The former MLB star also told A-Rod to stop cheating on Lopez back in 2019.

In March 2019, he weighed in on Rodriguez’s engagement to Lopez, calling Rodriguez a “piece of shit" when cheating rumors circulated.

Canseco continued his Twitter war against Rodriguez through April 2020 and trolled him with a “Happy Easter to everyone except Alex Rodriguez” post.

He attempted to drag Lopez back in, Page Six reports.

“Jennifer Lopez I have something to show you for your eyes only you will not regret it please contact Morgan,” he tweeted.

Page Six reports he pinned a separate tweet to his profile with a phone number.

“Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy told Page Six she and the ex-MLB star have never met in person, and only spoken on the phone, and Canseco thinks she looks like his ex-wife.

Things took a slightly different tone Saturday morning, though.

"I live on a different plane than most of you," he said Saturday morning.

A minute later, Canseco tweeted that 100% of his predictions have been accurate.

Apparently, Canseco can even predict the value of BitCoin three years from now.

He also wanted to clarify: "By the way I am not a witch I am a warlock."

Oh, and if you're J-Lo? He would fight for you, but he's still down bad from the last fight.

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