Joe Rogan Would Rather Fans Get Their Money Back Than Be Forced To Vaccinate

Spotify's own Joe Rogan can relate to fans who are frustrated over the vaccine passports required at some of his upcoming shows.

Joe is scheduled to hit the mics in a number of blue cities, and fans of the JRE podcast are up in arms over being forced to provide proof of vaccination — well after having purchased their admission.

Among the venues welcoming Rogan is Madison Square Garden, which sold thousands of tickets to his show leading up to New York's ruling on mandatory vaccination. Without proof of vaccination, JRE fans who have foregone the shot may need to arrange new plans for the evening.

The podcast host addressed the situation in an episode with guest Megan Murphy.

“I have a problem because I have a show there in Madison Square Garden in October, and I’ve already sold 13,000 tickets,” commented Rogan. “And now they say that everybody has to be vaccinated and I want everybody to know that you can get your money back.”

Joe firmly disagreed with the rigid ruling and its lack of consideration for people who simply can't, or won't, get the shot.

“If someone has an ideological or physiological reason for not getting vaccinated, I don’t want to force them to get vaccinated to see a f–king stupid comedy show.”

The Key to NYC guidelines have already gone into action, prohibiting any patron without a vaccine card from entering an indoor business in the city.

OutKick's Meg Turner reported on the new guidelines, first announced in August:

"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a strict new COVID mandate, which requires proof of vaccination for those who want to dine or drink indoors, go to the gym or attend other social events in New York City, starting Tuesday.

"While the mandate will not be formally enforced until Sept. 13, the mayor said the Key to NYC program will require anyone who wants to eat inside or attend indoor events to show proof of vaccination."

The episode delved into the lunacy of the Left's obsession with vaccine mandates, along with some interesting stories from Megan Murphy. Murphy was canceled by Canada's PC language council and Twitter permanently shut her account after she called a trans-woman "he."

In true Rogan fashion, the episode was not for the culturally woke.

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