Joe Rogan Will Not Be On UFC 271 Broadcast

Joe Rogan will not be on Saturday's broadcast for UFC 271.

Interestingly, the UFC just confirmed on Wednesday that Rogan would work the broadcast with Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier. So what changed?

According to the UFC, a last-second "scheduling conflict" will force Rogan to miss the trip from Austin, where he lives, to Houston, the location of UFC 271.

Michael Bisping will replace Rogan in the booth, the UFC says.

Some MMA fans are, however, skeptical of the coincidence. Rogan's scheduling conflict comes amid a series of controversies, including those outraged over Rogan's commentary on COVID-19 and his past use of the n-word.

Because ESPN airs the UFC's pay-per-views, it's easy to imagine an ESPN or Disney executive demanding that the UFC hold Rogan off this weekend's card. In fact, I bet someone at ESPN did, at least, ask the UFC to remove Rogan from the broadcast.

On the other hand, Dana White runs the UFC. Behind White, the UFC is the most ballsy sports league in America -- it's not close.

White does not answer to outraged wokes. Recently, White called those trying to cancel Rogan "whiny fucking pussies."


"You're not going to cancel Rogan," White said"Guess what? This is fucking America. You can have your own opinions about these things and you can voice them. That's what this fucking country was built on.

"All these little whiny fucking pussies that don't like it? Too bad."

That doesn't sound like a guy who would answer to ESPN, even if some exec asked him to take Rogan off the card. So maybe Rogan did have a scheduling conflict.

What do you think?

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