Joe Rogan Says 'Healthy 21-Year-Olds' Shouldn't Get Vaccine; Media Loses Mind

Twitter and media reporters spent the morning trying to take down Tucker Carlson for, well, I don't even know this time -- and have since moved on to Joe Rogan.

During his podcast, Rogan discussed his opinions on the coronavirus vaccine, saying he encourages the vulnerable to get it but that he doesn't think "healthy 21-year-olds" have much to worry about.

Here are Rogan's full comments transcribed:

"I think you should get vaccinated if you're vulnerable. I think you should get vaccinated if you feel like... My parents are vaccinated. I’ve encouraged a lot of people to get it. And people say, 'Do you think it’s safe to get vaccinated?' I’ve said, 'Yeah, I think for the most part it's safe to get vaccinated. I do. I do.' 

"But if you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, 'Should I get vaccinated?' I'll go, 'No.' Are you healthy? Are you a healthy person? Like, look, don't do anything stupid, but you should take care of yourself. You should -- if you're a healthy person, and you're exercising all the time, and you're young, and you’re eating well, like, I don't think you need to worry about this.

"But there's a lot of jobs that will tell you you need to have this. 

"People are worried about them doing it for their children. And we talked about this earlier, that you might have to have your children vaccinated. And, you know, I can tell you as someone who has... Both my children got the virus. It was nothing. I mean, I hate to say that if someone’s children died from this. I’m very sorry that that happened. I’m not in any way diminishing that. But I'm saying the personal experience that my children had with COVID was nothing. One of the kids had a headache. The other one didn't feel good for a couple of days. And I mean not feel good, like, no big deal. No coughing, no achey, no, like, in agony. There was none of that. It was very mild. It was akin to them getting a cold.

"But it's amazing that that's controversial. That even saying that I'm not going to inject my child with the vaccine is controversial. It’s crazy. Because again, we are not talking about even the flu that we just found out killed 22,000 people last year. We're not talking about that. We’re talking about something that is not statistically dangerous for children. But yet people still want you to get your child vaccinated, which is crazy to me. Like you should be vaccinated if you are vulnerable. You should."

Most of what Rogan said is correct. He's not encouraging Americans not to get the vaccine, like headlines claim. Rogan says he doesn't think healthy 21-year-olds are at much risk, which is an accurate statement. Thus, if one were to ask him whether he or she should receive the vaccine, he would say no. That's his opinion.

If you are unsure about getting the vaccine, I'd recommend listening to experts, whoever they are these days. I don't find it necessary nor helpful for media members -- whether Joe Rogan, some guy on the far-Right, or Joy Reid -- to give advice on something they likely don't know much about. Hosts should ask questions, not provide answers. That said, hosts are not doing that. Thus, I have no problem with Rogan's comments.

As for those crying about this segment: get a life, stop trying to ruin ours.

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