Joe Rogan Mocks Left’s Hopes Of Canceling Him In Stand-Up Routine

Joe Rogan is hitting the mics after facing increased backlash for the past few weeks ... months ... years.

In between his polemic podcasting, Rogan returned to his roots on the stand-up stage, where he vented about the ongoing controversies involving his use of the N-word and for spreading "COVID misinformation," as highlighted by the media at large.

Rogan was candid about some faults but overall poked at the ridicule that the Left has tried to foment for quite some time.

He started with the recent controversy involving his use of the derogatory term directed at African Americans after it was compiled into a four-minute video.

“I haven’t used that word in years,” Rogan admitted. “But it’s kind of weird people will get really mad if you use that word and tweet about it on a phone that’s made by slaves.”

He continued:

“I used to say it if a Richard Pryor bit or something, I would say it in context. Somebody made a compilation of every time I said that word over 14 years and they put it on YouTube, and it turned out that was racist as fuck. Even to me! I’m me and I’m watching it saying, ‘Stop saying it!’ I put my cursor over the video and I’m like, ‘Four more minutes?!’"

Despite the Left's desperate attempts to de-platform Rogan after he became a beacon for free speech, he's got the right guys on his side sticking up for him in defense.

As relayed by The Daily Wire, Florida governor Ron DeSantis spoke out in support of Rogan after weeks of criticism aimed not just at the racial slurs, but the Spotify-COVID fiasco that has stirred calls by the Left for Rogan's cancelation.

DeSantis said in a statement:

“The mob will come after people, and they’re targeting Rogan because he’s threatening to upset the apple cart on some of the things that they’re holding dear. And with COVID, he’s just bringing opposing views. He’s letting people decide. They say he’s against . I do not listen to his show, but then I read he specifically advocated for people with co-morbidities and the elderly to get vaccinated.

“I think a lot of the legacy outlets and I think the left fear the fact that he can reach so many people, and so they’re out to destroy him. But what I would say is don’t give an inch. Do not apologize. Do not know to the mob. Stand up and tell them to pound sand; if you do that, there’s really nothing that they’re able to do to you. The only way they have power is if you let them get your goat."

Now the media must ask themselves: how do you cancel the uncancelable?

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