Joe Rogan: COVID Lockdowns ‘Irreversibly F***ed’ Cities Like Los Angeles

The group made up of the media, Democrat politicians, and Dr. Fauci views Joe Rogan as one of the only threats to the narrative it has successfully ingrained in the country over the past 14 months: we will all die if you don't do as we say.

Rogan is one of the few media personalities who is "uncancelable." Thus, unlike the rest of the pathetic stooges who spend their days behind a mic, Rogan drops truth like this:

It's not just LA. New York, because of its equally inept governor, is also destroyed, probably beyond repair.

Here's the dagger: "Maybe we should forget about this business and start fresh in Florida or move to Texas or whatever."

I mean, who is going to argue with that? Florida and Texas have been good landing spots for big names like Rogan, Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro -- all of whom came from big cities in California -- but the small business owners, who may not have a choice but to move, tell the real story.

Now for a game: which irrational wokester will be the first to try and cancel Rogan yet again?

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