Jemele Hill Says Supporting Gov. DeSantis Proves Elon Musk is Not Smart

Elon Musk tweeted this week that he'd likely support Gov. Ron DeSantis if he runs for president in 2024. 

And to former television host Jemele Hill, no one better dare call Musk a genius ever again.

Unfortunately, Hill was so eager to send out this tweet that she violated her pledge to include the word "white" in every tweet she posts.


It's also offensive that Hill would smear Musk who was born in South Africa. Does Hill only speak kindly to those born here in the United States? Whatever happened to diversity and inclusion? 

Musk also isn't supporting DeSantis to protect the "interests of the billionaire" class. After all, there are politicians more useful to that cause than DeSantis.


DeSantis likely appeals to Musk because he shares similar views on the cultural divide. Both DeSantis and Musk are free speech advocates and scoff at the US corporations that pretend to support each new social trend.

How dare they value the 1st amendment and want to hold hypocrites accountable?

Further, Musk and DeSantis don't enjoy race-baiting frauds like Jemele Hill. And based on her podcast ratings, hardly anyone does.

To put into proper perspective, Musk is one of the smartest people on earth -- see the developments from SpaceX for proof. Hill, meanwhile, is not what we consider an intelligent mind.

Hill has not provided a coherent argument since she left ESPN in 2018. She's oblivious to the facts, data, and history. She's a one-trick pony who calls people racist. That's all she knows. Think Don Lemon but dumber and less successful.

On second thought, maybe Jemele Hill is playing a character and has duped us into thinking she's really this loathsome and uninformed. If so, perhaps she is the "genius."