It Appears Apple Removed the Yahoo News App in China at the CCP's Demand

On Thursday, Fox News' Laura Ingraham and other commentators shared reports that Yahoo Finance is no longer available in Apple's app store in China.

While it's unclear whether it was Yahoo or Apple that removed the app, recent reports and trends point toward Apple.

Apple Censorship, a website that tracks App Store takedowns and changes, reported on Oct. 14 that China has been demanding Apple remove select apps and that Apple is proudly complying.

"Recently Apple has been removing many apps at the demand of the Chinese authorities," the outlet reported. "But complying with governments' orders is different than complying with law, especially in China, where the authorities often resort to extralegal means to muzzle the press, bloggers, activists or any dissenting voices."

Chinese users had relied on Yahoo's app to access stories that China's Great Firewall had blocked, such as Bloomberg and Reuters. Just days before the app store removed Yahoo Finance, the site republished a Bloomberg story critical of China's crackdown on the tech industry. That's the stroy.

According to Telegraph, at least nine other apps that offer users religious materials – texts, prayers, and podcasts – have disappeared from Apple's Chinese app store.

In 2016, Apple removed the New York Times app from China on bogus claims that the Times violated local laws. Clearly, the CCP has Apple in its pockets.

Both Apple and Yahoo have yet to respond to requests for comment.

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