Harry's Razor Goes After Daily Wire, Conservatives After Random Account Complains About 2019 Clip

This is a strange one.

After some random Twitter account with fewer than two followers tagged Harry's in a tweet complaining about a segment hosted by The Daily Wire in 2019, the razor company condemned conservatives and quickly ended its relationship with the show. Yes, just like that.

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing responded to the bizarre interaction:

Harry's thinks it has made a strong statement against the supposedly extreme views of The Daily Wire, but it hasn't. The razor company has advertised with the outlet for years, knowing the leanings of the shows and the majority of its listeners. Harry's wasn't ashamed then and isn't now. Instead, Harry's got caught and is now afraid.

Quietly making money by promotion on a popular conservative network is all good. Potentially losing status among far-left loons on Twitter is rock bottom.

Harry's has every right to pull out of a business relationship, but limiting its reach to only a small section of the country -- which the far-left is -- is a poor business decision. Harry's knows this. That's why it chose to advertise with The Daily Wire in the first place.

"Finally, it’s worth noting advertisers leave all the time for all sorts of reasons," Boreing goes on. "That’s totally appropriate. They have their own businesses to run. But to CONDEMN our product - and thus our audience - after we’ve PROMOTED your product is assholish behavior."

What's hilarious about Harry's decision is envisioning the process. Harry's was not the target of some mainstream push led by HuffPost to condemn conservatives. One random Twitter account, with fewer followers than ESPN's High Noon had viewers, sent a tweet 15 days ago. Perhaps, Harry's employs people just to search through Twitter mentions dating back two weeks to find any and every message of outrage. If so, I wonder what the qualifications for such a job are. Ivy League degree, no doubt.

Man, I really hope @flyingsodacan1 doesn't come after me next.

"Screw Harry’s," Boreing closes it out with.

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