Farmfolio CEO Dax Cooke Joins OutKick The Tailgate To Talk Winning Business Model For Bama, Farmfolio

The OutKick the Tailgate crew was joined by Farmfolio CEO Dax Cooke to discuss his loyalty to the Crimson Tide, along with some tips on what makes Farmfolio the premier service to purchase land and diversify one's portfolio in these shifting times.

Cooke talked about how Alabama and coach Nick Saban's strategy for success has been built on making the necessary adjustments to combat new challenges; similar to Farmfolio's.

"Overcoming challenges. We've all faced challenges during COVID. At Farmfolio we basically reinvented our business model for that period," said Cooke.

When asked about his own team's strong suit, Cooke delved into the dedication and resilience that his team at Farmfolio adds on a daily basis for users and clients.

"I love to study those adjustments, we talk about pivoting and problem-solving all the time, which I think is one of the best characteristics of what our team of 140 on the ground do is solve problems when they come up because nothing is going to be perfect all the time. And you have to be ready to address the changes and adapt. I think that's what Alabama does consistently, I think Nick Saban has instilled that with people and I think we continue to do that as well."

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