Far-Left Nut Rex Chapman To Work CBS/Turner March Madness

CBS and Turner will feature Rex Chapman on the coverage of the 2022 NCAA Men's Tournament, the networks announce Tuesday.  And it's hard to imagine a worse choice to work March Madness than Chapman.

While Chapman played college basketball at the University of Kentucky, hardly anyone knows him these days for anything but his cesspool of a Twitter page. He is one of the most radical blue-checks on the app.

Some of CBS/Turner's newest studio analyst's most notable moments include the following:

Chapman's list of lies is long, those are just some recent examples.

His Twitter page is also unoriginal. He's notorious for stealing clips and jokes from others, then pretending they were his first. Not all nutjobs are dumb, but some are. Chapman is certainly one of the dumb ones.

Chapman's pivot to left-wing falsehoods recently landed him a new job at CNN+. That's the type of person who will preach to college basketball fans during the tournament. So just focusing on your bracket is out of the question while Chapman is on the set.

It remains telling how sports networks have normalized far-left, often propagandistic views. One can promote liberal talking points while simultaneously working at ESPN or CBS or Turner Sports. Yet those with conservative views are punished like Sage Steele or fired like Allison Williams. Keep in mind, Steele and Williams are not nearly as far to the right as Chapman and ESPN's woke wing are to the left.

CBS and Turner are also overlooking Chapman's criminal past. In 2014, Scottsdale police arrested him for stealing more than $14,000 in products from an Apple Store.

As for what he looks like on camera, imagine the typical hypocrite but bald:

Again, unless Jemele Hill is interested, I can't think of a worse addition to the March Madness team than this guy.

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