Exclusive: SEC Podcaster 'Jboy' Joins Daily Wire

The Daily Wire has signed SEC podcaster Jake Crain, the host of the popular Jboy Show, sources tell OutKick. A source within the Daily Wire confirmed the news.

The Jboy Show has aired on Colin Cowherd's The Volume since August.

The Daily Wire, a conservative media company founded by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing, has since moved into both the entertainment and sports spaces. In 2020, the company aired the film, Run Hide Fight, and signed former Star Wars actress Gina Carano. Next week, Daily Wire will launch its first original film, psy-thriller Shut In, starring cult film icon Vincent Gallo, who came out of retirement to join the cast.

In October, ​​the Daily Wire signed former ESPN reporter Allison Williams to lead an upcoming sports series.

As we argued at the time of Williams' signing, the Daily Wire has an opportunity to make a splash in the sports space. Sports fans are widespread across the country. Some are liberal, others conservative, and the rest want just want to talk sports. Each group is large enough to support coverages catered to their interests. Currently, major sports networks mostly serve one group: far-Left, “anti-racist” but actually racist sports fans. In other words, ESPN.

With Daily Wire's resources, expect Jboy's reach to grow. Crain is a former South Alabama baseball player-turned-college football coach, who capitalized on the large following of SEC sports coverage. The program had been downloaded more than two million times since launching last year.

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