Even Hunter Biden Knows Big Tech Should Not Have Suppressed His Laptop Story

Remember this? Back in October, the New York Post reported that a laptop held in a Delaware repair shop that was never picked up belonged to Hunter Biden, and on it was an email revealing Hunter's business dealings with Ukraine and China. In the email, a high-ranking executive at a Ukrainian energy firm thanked Hunter for introducing him to Hunter's father, then-Vice President Joe Biden. Get this, the date on that email was less than a year before the vice president pressured officials to fire a prosecutor for investigating Burisma Holdings, and Hunter served on the Burisma board.

Sound familiar? If not, you may have Big Tech to blame. Many missed the story because Facebook and Twitter chose to suppress it and hide it from millions of voters. Big Tech accepted Joe Biden's excuse for the email, that it was nothing more than "a Russian plant," though it would never give a Republican the same benefit of the doubt. And now, all signs indicate that the story has substance -- far more credibility than any of the anti-Trump reports that social media allows.

Hunter Biden himself doesn't even deny the existence of the laptop or the email. On CBS This Morning on Monday, Hunter said:

"Certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me."

Not much of a denial there, huh?

He goes on to say, "It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

In a strange turn, Hunter then said that the laptop could be his, but that he doesn't know whether he'd lost a laptop at that time:

"If you read book, you realize that I wasn’t keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four-year period of time." That book, Beautiful Things, comes out on Tuesday.

Aside from him saying, "Yes, that was my laptop," I'm not sure how much more foolish Big Tech could look today.

By the way, if Hunter has no idea if the laptop is his -- how did Big Tech know it isn't? How did Joe Biden know it was a "Russian plant"?

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade reacted to the interview this morning.

“He knows exactly that it’s his laptop. It even had a Beau Biden foundation sticker on it,” Kilmeade said. “It was his laptop, dropped off with all his personal information. There is no doubt about it. It could be Russian disinformation with all your emails and all your stuff that you handed off? This is unbelievable.”

Hard to argue with that. Too bad many voters never heard about the issue at all before casting their ballots in 2020.

The media says Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Donald Trump says fraud cost him the 2020 election. Here's something we have evidence for: Big Tech hid a credible story that would likely have changed the minds of a significant number of voters.

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