ESPN Has Mentioned Lia Thomas A Total Of One Time

ESPN has mentioned the name "Lia Thomas," a transgender swimmer breaking records in female sports, a grand total of one time, according to Fox News Digital.

On the January 20 edition of the 6 pm SportsCenter, ESPN noted the NCAA would allow transgender athletes to compete following a sport-by-sport model. So Thomas was mentioned, but was not the focus of the segment.

A biological male competing and breaking records against females is consequential. It jeopardizes the future of female athletes and female athletics in general. 

Thomas believes that his decision to compete with women is so historic that he has likened himself to Jackie Robinson as he walks around the locker room exposing his male genitals.

As the leaders of sports and girl power, you'd think ESPN would find this matter headline-worthy. But ESPN is more worried about who criticizes Mina Kimes and the skin colors of NFL QBs.

As I argued on Fox News on Monday, ESPN discusses only those topics that are advantageous to its social image. ESPN doesn't see a win covering Lia Thomas. If the network sticks up for female swimmers, who are clearly bothered by having Thomas on their team, the LGTBQ community could send them mean tweets. Conversely, if ESPN celebrates Thomas, its pro-female sports campaign will be exposed as fraudulent.

In ESPN's mind, looking foolish and hypocritical by ignoring the story is better than some blue check calling them misogynistic or transphobic.

ESPN's talents and executives do not care about women's sports. They care about the status that comes with claiming they do. Most notably, racist ESPN anchor Michael Eaves tweets that he's pushing for female athletes to have more "opportunities to fulfill their dreams," yet he refuses to acknowledge that males like Thomas are taking away such female "opportunities."

ESPN declined to comment on its refusal to cover Lia Thomas. To them, it's worth just one quick mention in passing. That's apparently all female athletes are truly worth to the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

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