ESPN Employee Writes Racist Atlanta Braves Should Rename Themselves The 'Cobb County Crackers'

Sports media has relentlessly attempted to cancel the tomahawk chop, a signature celebration by Atlanta Braves fans. Their efforts were stunted this week when MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he would not ban the chop at stadiums.

The Undefeated, owned by ESPN, enlisted staff writer Clinton Yates to provide an account of Manfred's decision.

Yates lacked subtlety in contextualizing the reception of the chop — seen as a harmless signage by the majority of fans and the chop's supposed subjects. Yates accused the commissioner of promoting "caricatures" of the Native American community and equated the chop to "real-life violence."

In the article titled "Manfred misses the mark with Braves," Yates acknowledges that Manfred had a dialogue with Indigenous groups to gather any opposing opinions on the chop. Still, the writer did not relent on his request for cancellation.

"There’s a direct correlation between racist imagery and real-life violence," claimed Yates, also calling the banning of the chop a "no-brainer."

In signature ESPN fashion, the journalist was incapable of making his accusation of racism without providing some on their end. Yates concluded the article by suggesting that the Atlanta baseball team should instead go by the "Cobb County Crackers." He called baseball "the oldest, whitest" sport in America — a shameless generalization made possible only in recent years, courtesy of Critical Race Theory's redefining of what's racist and not.

One can only assume that an ideology intent on canceling anything it disagrees will inspire good arbitration of American culture.

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