Emails Show Keith Olbermann Begged MSNBC For A Job

We told you earlier this week that we were skeptical that Rachel Maddow vetoed MSNBC's plans to bring Keith Olbermann in as her replacement, as Olbermann alleged.

It appeared more likely that Olbermann wanted MSNBC to rehire him but the network didn't, and now he's blaming Maddow for that out of jealousy and bitterness. New findings further validate our skepticism.

Emails obtained by Puck News show that Olbermann has been begging MSNBC for a job since at least 2019.

Olbermann first reached out to NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell in December of that year, then upped the pressure early in 2020. At first, Olbermann sent Shell an unsolicited 5,000-word dissertation-style email pressuring Shell to bring him back to the network.

At this time, Olbermann tried to convince Shell to hire him and fire Chris Hayes, the network's 8 pm host. Olbermann cited that while Maddow's ratings at 9 pm in the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic were up 81% from 2010, Haynes was up only 3%.

"There’s only one conclusion to be drawn: MSNBC is woefully underperforming in prime time,” Olbermann wrote to Shell. “And, while it is hidden by the amount of money makes for you, the current 8 pm hour is the cause."

Olbermann is desperate to get back to MSNBC and has lobbied for both the 8 pm and 9 pm hours over the past three years.

Remember, Olbermann was once one of the leading hosts on cable news. So to see him on his knees asking for a return is either sad or amusing, depending on how sympathetic you are to his current state of derangement.

I don't believe Maddow vetoed Olbermann's return as much as MSNBC execs have realized that he's too nutty even for their very nutty network.

The most likely scenario is that Olbermann is furious that no one -- not MSNBC, not anyone -- will hire him and that Maddow won't defend him. The backstory here is that Olbermann credits himself for Maddow’s rise at MSNBC and feels she owes him a favor in return. She doesn't agree.

"Your 8 p.m. show is dying of thirst during a flood," Olbermann finally told Shell.

I mean, who wouldn't want to hire this guy? Just look at him:

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