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'I need a recovery beer'

Listen, I'm never going to give you guys NBA content unless it fits the narrative around here and when I hear an NBA guy say, "I need a recovery beer," my interest is officially piqued. Think about how we can incorporate Luka Doncic's "I need a recovery beer" line from last night into the fabric of Screencaps.

See where I'm going here?

Dare I say it might be time for the OutKick merchandise department to print the shirts? We just might have our 2023 TNML shirt slogan.

Tell the Screencaps community about needing a moment when you needed a recovery beer.

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What happened to Southwest Airlines as explained by a Screencaps reader who works as an 'aviation regulatory attorney'

This is why you guys open Screencaps on a daily basis. One minute you're reading about how to work "I need a recovery beer" into your daily life and the next minute we have an industry expert chiming in on the Southwest Airlines disaster.

That's why Screencaps is America's Best Daily Column, as named by the readers. You cannot take a day off and keep up. I hear it over and over again. No days off.

• Ben in Charlotte, NC writes:

Belated Merry Christmas to you and yours...  I am not a commercial airline pilot, but I have been an aviation regulatory attorney for about 17 years.  (Disclaimer: I have never been employed by or represented Southwest Airlines.)  Here is my entirely personal take:

1) When a major weather event affects many different airline hubs and large airports, at a time when all flights are fully booked, this level of disruption is not surprising.  It is not just the immediate flight that is canceled, but all of the flights that follow, compounding the problem.  For example, when that flight from Nashville to Chicago is canceled, that aircraft is not in Chicago to make its next flight to Phoenix, and not in Phoenix to continue to Los Angeles.  Likewise, those pilots are not in Chicago to operate their next flight to Dallas; and the flight attendants are not in Chicago for their next flights as well...  Yes, the airlines try to shuffle flight crews and aircraft around to minimize the ripple effects, but they must consider the future implications of flight crew duty time restrictions, and the need to get aircraft to certain locations for maintenance checks.  The process takes some time and consideration.

2) Once the weather event passes, the airlines still have pilots and aircraft out of position, and the delays and cancellations continue for days as the airline tries to get everyone and everything back where they are supposed to be (including deadheading pilots and flight attendants, as needed).

3) Given the breadth of the weather event, Southwest may have been a victim of its business model which relies less on established hub airports and a more diffuse network of point-to-point flights.  They still have major airports (Chicago-Midway, Houston-Hobby), but my understanding is they are less likely to have out-and-back routes, which are the easiest to cancel because they minimize the compounding effects.

4) In less than the amount of time that it took Kristi Kopanis to write her passive-aggressive tweet, she could have found the DOT website (https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/refunds) which would inform her that she IS entitled to a refund for everything she is writing about.  The airlines don't process refunds in real-time.  During a mass cancellation event the airlines focus on recovery first, refunds are handled in the aftermath.  Customers should proactively contact the airline (and skip the drama).

5) Contrary to what Ross Feinstein writes, airlines are deregulated and Secretary Pete cannot just wave his magic wand and require Southwest and other airlines to have interline agreements with other carriers.  There is an agency rulemaking process, including public comments, that must be followed.  This can take a long time, and even after that still wind up in court.  (This is not a bad thing given some of the crazy rules DOT has recently proposed and sought comment on.)  Also, it's not clear interline agreements would have helped that much here - if an airline can't rebook its own passengers because of full flights, it can't take those from other airlines.

6) Ross Feinstein's tweet is misleading.  Many of the airlines he lists (Horizon, Endeavor, PSA, Skywest, Republic, Envoy, Mesa, Piedmont, and Air Wisconsin) are regional carriers operating for the major airlines.  For example, it may be a Mesa flight that was canceled, but it was sold to travelers by United as a United Express flight.  There is more nuance to it, but as a general rule, airlines tend to cancel regional flights (smaller aircraft) first where airports have limited operations because that means fewer passengers to have to rebook or refund.

As I said, this is my personal take based on my industry experience.  I always look forward to hearing the perspectives of my pilot colleagues in the aviation industry.

Keep up the good work.  

Question for the Battery Daddy community

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas (free of flying). 

Succumbed to the peer pressure of buying a Battery Daddy today but my question is: does anyone put theirs in the freezer. I currently keep batter in a ziplock on the freezer but won’t be doing that with the BD. 

Where do we stand on blowing out boogers with Navage?

• Ron D. writes:

Gifted my son-in-law with Battery Daddy. It was a home run!! Thx!!

What is the official Screencap position on nose cleaning? Is this really necessary?? 


I'm not up on the Navage. I hear the commercials on Pandora, but I don't know anything about the Navage. This community is huge, so I expect at least 5-6 emails by lunch on how these things work and reviews.

Was Beth Mowins a mess last night?

• John in SD writes:

Since the NFL/football announcers has become a hot topic, I have to weigh in on last night’s Wisconsin/Okie St. game. ESPN's Beth Mowins missed several obvious play calls during the game. Not sure what screen they’re watching in the booth or looking at the field?  She called catches on dropped balls out of bounds and obvious PI plays. Espin needs to get it together; we can’t endure the rest of bowl season like this!

Happy Screencaps New Year’s! Looking forward to another year of great content. 


It sounds like John wasn't the only viewer who noticed Beth wasn't on top of her game. Remember, she's used to working Northwestern-Indiana nooners, so cut her some slack. It was late in Arizona.

Cindy T. and Mike T. have gone separate ways in Europe, but it's not what you're probably thinking

Plot twist! Cindy T. is on the move and this time she's off in Barcelona with one of their daughters while Mike T. stays behind in France to suck down a couple of beers and relax.

• Cindy T. checks in from La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain:

Cindy T. also sent in pics from a churros guy working his ass off in Barcelona. Look at this spread!

Millennial's List of Great Bands

• Ohio JT checks in:

Here's a different take on great bands, how about a Millennial's list of great 90's bands? The trouble here is that I don't know if I can make it to 5. I do look to the 90s as foundational as an older millennial who is the youngest child. I feel more connected to Gen X music than the horrible sugar pop of the 00s. The 90s are much maligned but produced some great punk rock and grunge.

1. Green Day

2. Oasis

3. The Offspring 

... See, now I have to fall back to older bands who still produced good stuff in the 90s.

4. Metallica (Seriously, is there a Gen Xer out there who doesn't light up when they hear the opening riff of Enter Sandman?)

5. Aerosmith


The way JT was heading, I thought he'd at least add Red Hot Chili Peppers in there somewhere. Thought we might get a full iHeart 'Alternative' playlist out of this email. I was definitely thrown off with Aerosmith making the list at No. 5, but that's the beauty of Screencaps. JT can have his say and then you get to fire off emails taking offense at his list.

And the beauty of one Screencaps column per day is that you have plenty of time to gather your thoughts on the subject and write a cohesive 150-word response. You guys react irrationally on message boards. That's why I refuse to endorse a Screencaps message board.

Screencaps readers vs. the Chinese Communists who are using TikTok to infiltrate our brains

• Chris B. in Houston, TX writes:

I hope you & your family had an awesome Christmas.  I am sure the Chinese know whatever they want to know about me already, but I am pretty boring so they likely are not impressed.  Regardless, I do not have TikTok.  I had it for a little while, and maybe I don't know how to use it well (like I don't know how to use Twitter well) but it was too much cutesy little dances for me and with the Chinese thing out there I just deleted it.  I like InstaGram.  I got FaceBook in the last year, but I don't particularly care for it.  If you start adding TikToks to screencaps I won't revolt, but hopefully I won't need to have TikTok to see what you post (like I sometimes need to have IG to see some of those posts that you include).

I hope you have an easy week ahead to wrap up 2022.  Happy Holidays.


Listen, would I much rather be sleeping in a little bit this week and staying up late watching Wisconsin get a critical win over Oklahoma State? Sure, but there's a silver lining to working hard over the winter holidays -- payback during the summer of 2023.

Jerking around during the Winter of 2022-23 or jerking around on Fridays during the summer when the birds are chirping? That's why I bust my ass during the winter.

It's an easy choice.

Labor Day to Super Bowl Sunday is the busy season.

That said, it's time to end Screencaps and get at it this morning. There are airline meltdown videos to publish! It's like Christmas morning all over again.

Go have a great day. Without looking, I think we get a college bowl tripleheader, so enjoy and don't forget to spend some quality time with the family...watching football.

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