Donald Trump Jr.’s Unbiased News App Hits No. 1

Tired of fake news and mainstream media bias, Donald Trump Jr. has launched a new app to distribute credible, curated news. Trump Jr. and Taylor Budowich created MxM News, a mobile phone news aggregation app with one major difference – no bias.

The free MxM News app has been an instant hit. And that’s not fake news. Within 24 hours of the release, Trump Jr.’s app skyrocketed to No. 1 in Apple’s app store.

On Wednesday, Trump Jr. shared a trailer for the app, which asks Americans to imagine a news source with no agenda:

“What if you could get mainstream news without mainstream bias, cut through the noise, see through the chaos…achieve clarity with a new platform?”

At that point, the trailer pivots to a description of the app and its content:

“Simple. Accurate. Mobile.

"Diversity of thought…updated to keep you informed. Know the news. Decide for yourself.”

Trump Jr. told Fox News that plans to put the app in motion started roughly one year ago.

"We saw what was going on in the world, and we wanted to make sure that there was an outlet that allowed people to see news that is out there, that does exist … in a curated fashion, so that people actually see what’s happening in the real world, not just the, sort of, biased side of the story."

As for how the app works, Trump and his team aren’t relying on internet searches and trends controlled by Big Tech to push their narrative.

"A.I. aggregation that just pulls things in that are trending creates the same echo chamber, because the only things that are trending are the stories that you can search easily on Google," Trump told Fox News. "So we didn’t think it was possible to create some A.I. to do this – we have a team people pulling articles and doing the hard work."

MxM News is making a concerted effort to uncover the stories you wouldn't otherwise see in your news feed, simply because the mainstream media doesn’t want you to. Their team will lean on trusted sources and reporters who deliver news with no bias.

As Trump told Fox News: "This is to make sure that the people actually doing journalism, not just doing activism, get highlighted and seen and that’s not going to ever come from a mainstream apparatus because they are OK with reporting fake news, so long as it is driving their narrative forward. We’ve seen that they’re fine with all of that, as long as they get the political outcome they want."

Thanks to Trump Jr. and MxM News, the American people will finally get the news the right way.


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