Details on Jeff Zucker's Relationship With Colleague

CNN president Jeff Zucker announced his resignation in an email to staff on Wednesday, after he failed to disclose a consensual relationship with a female colleague in a timely manner.

The woman with whom he has been having an affair is Allison Gollust, the chief marketing officer for CNN, who will remain with the network. According to Radar Online, Zucker and Gollust have been involved in a clandestine romance that dates back years. Radar obtained a photo of Zucker and Gollust together at a sporting event, but did not report the event's date:

The affair began while each was still married -- Zucker to wife Caryn and Gollust to husband Billy.

"It's believed the scandal cost each of them their marriages," the report says.

Moreover, Gollust once worked as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's communications director.

What does it all mean? Zucker resigned after investigators asked him about his relationship with Gollust during a recent probe into former anchor Chris Cuomo. In December, Zucker fired Cuomo, in part for not disclosing the extent to which he advised his brother Andrew during allegations of sexual misconduct.


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