Democrats Continue To Betray Their Own Constituents With New Mask Mandates

Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) ordered a return to indoor masking mandates Thursday in D.C., despite infection rates dropping to record lows as of late. Mainstream media and Democratic talking points will use hyperbolic language to try to scare the population into submission (“case rates have quadrupled”), but percentage changes are only relevant to the baseline numbers. A move from two daily cases per 100,000 to eight cases hardly warrants a total reversal of basic freedom, though it sounds terrifying to feeble minds who see COVID as a modern-day plague.

The reality is simple and needs to be repeated as often as possible: active, healthy human beings face extremely low chances of long-term injury, and even smaller chances of death due to COVID-19. Scream it from the rafters: COVID is not a death sentence.

What’s worse, many COVID deaths in hospitals are actually attributable to the commonly-accepted medical procedures that put tremendous amounts of strain on the body. Oftentimes, if filtering mechanisms like the liver or kidneys are already weak, they can fail when overstressed by medications or treatment options. In other words, the side-effects of treating COVID in unhealthy individuals with poor organ functionality can actually strain the body past viability. And yet, this type of death would still be listed as a COVID death without hesitation. This analysis isn’t misinformation or the least bit controversial; any doctor will tell you that COVID simply exacerbates whatever internal problems you currently face. Therefore, the healthier and stronger you are, the greater chance that you have of survival; but it’s a talking point that rarely gets repeated.

Why? Because we live in a society that intentionally uses strife as a means of control. Mainstream narratives always prefer to keep consumers frightened, because with fear comes a reasonable relinquishment of liberty and a willingness to keep consuming the message.

Much of what is created these days is intended to fail. Quality cannot be commoditized to the extent that single-serve consumerism can be, and as such, we end up with false “truths” based on selective science. Add in a dash of weaponized discontent thanks to years of such subversive manipulation, and you have a powder keg of self-righteousness that explodes in the form of leftist rage.

Do you see how hard they all work daily to create this mirrored, backwards reality? That, alone, should undermine their case—truths are self-evident, it's the lies that need constant maintenance. The mask mandates, the vaccine guilt, the deliberate refusal to encourage health; it all contributes to this miserable existence based in fear and resentment that they claim to cherish.

Conservatism serves as a common-sense reprieve to the madness—an effort to conserve the basic human instincts that drive us successfully from generation to generation. Instead of worshipping a fear of death, we worship a celebration of life. Instead of falling for the lies of the tyrant, we stand up for integrity in the face of cheap tricks. The best way for good people interested in conserving their own God-given liberty to fight back against absurd mandates like masks in D.C. is to first understand the backwards lies being promulgated, and then explain the bigger truth to those who may not understand the manipulation.

Fighting the COVID madness truly begins with taking excellent care of ourselves. Mask mandates and other public health absurdities based in pseudo-science will slowly destroy leftists’ own psychological existence, but it doesn’t have to rule ours. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay vigilant against the hyperbolic lies. You possess the absolute power to conserve your own wellbeing, much more so than any government entity would ever dare to admit.