Democrat Chris Wallace: ‘It’s Time To Build A Wall’ Along Southern Border

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, said on a Fox radio show Friday that he believes the Biden administration should “build a wall, or have some type of gate so can’t walk across that dam over the Rio Grande into Del Rio.”

Um, ex-squeeze me? Did I just hear a Democrat casually float the idea of border security after committing to half a decade of shameful, open-border propaganda during the Trump campaign and presidency?

To his credit, Wallace did say that Biden should spend his time working on America’s immigration policy, which is held together with gum and toothpicks at this point, rather than spending a second criticizing U.S. Border Patrol Agents, who are simply doing the job they were hired to do.

“I mean, to me, that is the real shame here, is our immigration policy and that it allows people to come over, it doesn’t just stop them,” Wallace said. “And that’s what I think the real focus ought to be on. Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second — and I understand that’s one of the allegations, and that doesn’t seem to be true. And the president shouldn’t have talked about strapping as he did, because that’s another word for whipping. I think that the Border Patrol ought to be able to find a way to keep people from coming across the border. Build a fence.”

“A wall maybe?” radio host Guy Benson asked.

“Yeah, I was going to say build a fence, build a wall, have some kind of a gate so they can’t walk across that dam over the Rio Grande into Del Rio,” Wallace said.

I don’t know about you, but my jaw is hanging so far from my skull that a bug almost flew in my mouth. The mental gymnastics it takes to come to a reasonable conclusion about common-sense safety, only after your political enemy has been vanquished, would make Simone Biles proud (that is, if she knew anything about coming to reasonable conclusions). Even if Wallace was never an outspoken opponent of Trump-era border security, I have little doubt that he ever openly defied Democratic marching orders, which at the time were simple: equate a border wall to latent, unapologetic racism.

The hypocrisy is eye-rolling, but the honesty is refreshing. Wallace continued to make sense as the interview unfolded.

“I think it actually would be more humane to say to , ‘no, don’t come over,’” Wallace said. “Don’t be huddled under the bridge. Stay in Mexico or don’t come up at all, because I think this half door open policy is creating a lot of problems that that a stricter policy wouldn’t.”

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