Defunding the Police Went So Well That LA Mayor Is Boosting Department Budget

Just one year after agreeing to partially defund the Los Angeles Police Department, L.A's mayor and forever bozo Eric Garcetti now wants to increase its funding by 3%. How much more obvious can it be that leadership in cities like New York, L.A, San Francisco, and Seattle have no idea how to protect civilians?

We here at OutKick have tried to explain how boneheaded the idea of defunding the police is, but no one listens. Sometimes society has to make mistakes before they can have nice things.

Instead of protecting human lives with our police force that's proven to plummet crime rate -- L.A. did this:

And that pandering behavior turned into this luscious quote from the Guardian just a few months later:

"In the face of intense pressure, LA's mayor, Eric Garcetti, last June agreed to some reductions in LAPD funding. But this week, Garcetti outraged advocates and civil rights groups with his proposed 2021-22 budget, which seeks to allocate $1.76B for LAPD, a 3% increase."

Who actually gives a rip about these self -appointed "leaders"?

These civil rights activists today are useless to everyone. People like Jesse Jackson and Black Lives Matter leaders cash checks on the heightened emotions of underserved communities. It's all about emotion, and BLM leaders wield their emotional weapons to pressure mayors of once great cities like L.A. to take funding away from people trained to protect the community.

We never want to see human lives lost just to be proven right, but social media pressure like the black squares or sitting out of NBA games just promotes more violence. We tried to say that a year ago when we refused to engage in the pandering. All these acts were handcrafted to drive emotion and push funds into areas where the leaders of organizations like BLM and the NAACP could benefit.

Los Angeles saw a predictable and unfortunate increase in homicides after Mayor Garcetti's announcement last June. This mistake of defunding the police cost human lives that we can no longer save.

Here's what we can do:

Los Angeles, like Portland, is learning a valuable lesson: defunding mostly law-abiding members of our police departments do nothing to protect the middle class or "underserved communities." If anything, it does the opposite.

NBA players like LeBron James enjoy the safety of police escorts and increased security, so why shouldn't we? The middle class gets robbed every year in taxes. The least L.A. could do is offer the middle class the same protection they give the rich.

As soon as middle class liberals in California get with the program, we might start seeing a shift in policy over there. At least Mayor Garcetti is changing course now rather than shifting the blame.