Dana White Credits 'Dr. Joe Rogan' For Quick Recovery From COVID

Stemming from a Thanksgiving gathering, UFC President Dana White contracted COVID and announced his diagnosis on "The Jim Rome Podcast" Wednesday.

White stated that he felt like "a million bucks" but would miss the Font vs. Aldo fight if he tested positive leading up to the Saturday night (Dec. 3) event.

After testing again Friday morning, White announced that he received a negative for COVID, recovering just days after his initial diagnosis.

In the elated update with TMZ, White gave a special shout-out to his health guru and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, whom he consulted with regarding the best path to recovery after his positive test.

"Joe Rogan is a brilliant guy and he talks to the most brilliant people out there. He studies, he does his homework on all this stuff, and it's a fact that this works," White admitted, understanding the backlash that Rogan has gained for recommending remedies to COVID-19.

Upon announcing his status with Rome, White confirmed that he was using the Rogan treatment: including a monoclonal antibody cocktail, vitamin drip and ivermectin.

"I said (to Rogan) listen, I have no smell, which probably means I have no taste. He said as soon as you get up in the morning get tested. So I get up 9 o'clock Monday morning, get tested. I test positive. He said get monoclonal antibodies in you as soon as possible so I did. By noon, I had the monoclonal antibodies in me and then he told me to do an NAD drip. I did that right after," White added.

An opponent to the online mob, White stuck with his gut and sided with Rogan's insight — ultimately paying off for the $500 million man.

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