Dan Wolken Vs. Will Cain Breaks Out, Ends Quickly

Dan 'Woke' Wolken was at it again this afternoon. The USA Today social justice warrior sports reporter decided to try his hand at an intellectual battle with Fox News host Will Cain over the New York Post vs. Facebook war that has broken out.

By now you guys know 'Woke'n thinks he's coming in for the kill with a take off the top rope, but he typically picks battles with the wrong blue checkmarks and it ends badly. Today was no exception. Cain dropped Section 230 Communications Decency Act on 'Woke'n and that was the end of the battle. Dan likely decided he was in over his head.

He has since moved on to the Florida COVID situation which should keep him busy for the rest of the day.  As for the Post vs. Facebook situation, it appears a digital civil war has erupted.

It'll be interesting to see how the woke SJWs handle this war since they have disdain for Mark Zuckerberg as well as the Post. It should be a busy night for all involved.

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