Dan Bongino, Westwood in Talks in Air 12-3 pm Live Radio Show Post-Rush Limbaugh

Dan Bongino has agreed to terms with Westwood One to begin a new live three-hour radio show from 12-3 p.m. ET, sources tell OutKick. The deal is not signed but is expected to get done barring last-minute differences.

The move would result in affiliates across the country airing Bongino's radio show in a time slot that was held and essentially owned by Rush Limbaugh for decades. Limbaugh's syndicator, Premiere, has not yet decided what show it will offer affiliates moving forward from 12-3. Cumulus Media owns Westwood One but had carried Limbaugh's program on various affiliates.

Before everyone asks, nothing is changing with Bongino's podcast, which is the second-most listened-to conservative show in the country. His podcast will remain separate from the live radio show. Bongino will continue to contribute to Fox News programs, including Hannity.

Bongino can bring a younger audience to terrestrial radio. In addition to his podcast, Bongino's Facebook routinely ranks among the top-visited in the country. He is also a part-owner in Rumble and Parler, alternatives to YouTube and Twitter, respectively.

Sources say it is not determined where the video streaming component of Bongino's radio show will air. Limbaugh streamed his behind a paywall known as the Dittocam.

Rumors of Bongino and Westwood One expanding its relationship to radio have brewed around the industry for weeks. While no one can replace Rush Limbaugh — no one —radio executives saw Bongino as the logical successor from 12-3. Should this move get done as expected, many radio affiliates will have the option to add Dan Bongino to the lineup.

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