Dan Bongino Announces Clean Bill of Health After Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Dan Bongino has received a clean bill of health after completing his cancer treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he announced.

“Notice I’m smiling tonight. I’m all happy. I feel good,” Bongino tells Sean Hannity.

When you cover the media, you get to see the good but mostly the bad in people. Bongino is one of the very few who looks at his competitors as teammates and tries to elevate everyone around him. Trust me, that's rare.

Hearing and seeing him announce this is such great news. The prayers for Dan, his family, and his wife Paula -- who is so involved in his show and business -- worked.

Quick note, I was texting with people who were at CPAC a few weeks ago for reactions about various speakers, and all expressed how crazy the crowd went when Bongino came on stage, like a QB returning from injury out of the locker room. That's the impact Dan Bongino has had on so many people.

Way to go, Dan.

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