Dan Bongino Agrees to Equity Stake in Rumble, YouTube Alternative

Dan Bongino has agreed to an equity stake in the video platform Rumble.

In the deal, the Dan Bongino Show will air in an exclusive window daily on Rumble before uploading on YouTube. Monday, Bongino's show debuts on Rumble.

The video version of Bongino's show has become an industry leader in political media. Its daily YouTube views often eclipse 130,000 views.

"We need somewhere to go where conservative views won't be discriminated against," Bongino told the Washington Examiner.

In August, the Dan Bongino Show ranked 19th among the most listened to podcasts, via Podtrac measurements. The daily show will remain distributed across current podcast services.

Bongino's investment in Rumble follows his trend of creating and partnering with big tech alternatives.

Bongino often criticizes leading social media platforms for suppression of free speech and demonetization toward conservatives. Two concerns with fast-growing marketplaces.

Bongino is a part-owner in the Twitter alternative, Parler.

In December 2019, he created the Bongino Report, an aggregation website catered to readers dissatisfied with the direction of the Drudge Report.

Both Parler and the Bongino Report have attracted loyal users and promotion from well-known politicians. On Parler, Ted Cruz has eclipsed 1 million followers.

Now, Dan Bongino looks to elevate Rumble into a noted alternative to YouTube.

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