Coronabro Cuomo Finally Opens His Eyes To COVID Reality

To lockdown or not to lockdown, that has been the question for just about the entire time the country -- indeed the world -- has been arguing about the best way to deal with the COVID-19 virus.

Our founder, Clay Travis, has sounded the clarion call from the get-go: Get people back to work, get the kids back to school, get the economy back on its feet, and let's get on with living life, free from the coronabros and their fear porn.

And for just as long a time, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been on the side of hiding in the basement in fear.

But now, Chris' brother is changing his tune. Check this out:

So what gives? Looks like the guv has finally realized if he doesn't help his constituents start hearing some cha-CHING, he's going to pay a steep political price.

But who cares how Andy got here? All that matters is that he's here. Welcome, governor. Now start opening up those restaurants. Start with the pizza joints.